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History: News the burning house street crime Kwak jailed fo

Source of version: 1 (current)

Qinghai broadcasting network home province area west of Mr. Guo and his wife got angry because, one catty liquor after drinking, while his wife was not at, ignite flammable curtains, bed sheets to leave after,乙肝, leading to the real objects in the burned,[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie france]. Mr. Guo's neighbors see alarm in time after the fire, firefighters soon put out the fire. Although no casualties and property losses to others home, but Mr,beats by dre. Guo is due to arson was sentenced to three years in prison,louboutin. people's Procuratorate area west of Xining City, the staff said,abercrombie, from a legal point of view, the citizens have the right to own property, but the exercise of the right of disposition not to damage the national interests of the collective and others, the premise of the. If the burning of their property endanger public safety, constitutes a crime of arson,air jordan. In this case,abercrombie, although Mr,[http://www.yigan4s.com|乙肝治疗]. Guo is burning their houses, but enough to cause fire. Mr. Guo's home is a part of the whole building, Mr,[http://www.abercrombiepascherfranc.fr|abercrombie pas cher]. Guo to set fire to his house to lock the door to leave, knowing that if you do not save or save not promptly,[http://patrimoine.agglo-troyes.fr/BAM/louboutinpascher.html|louboutin pas cher], will threaten the safety of the whole building staff's life, property, though he didn't want that to happen consequences,air jordan pas cher, but the consequences of laissez-faire attitude, even if Mr. Guo's behavior did not cause any damage to others, but also constitutes a crime,[http://www.poloralphralphlauren66.com|polo ralph lauren], shall be investigated for criminal responsibility must be. (author: Wu Yachun) Related articles: A minor receive non-custodial sentence relates to the amou Part of the Nongjiale health food hygiene inspecti South Korean Defense Ministry said on Thursday that the country's missile defense system may intercept missiles if they are to strike the South Korean territory. On the same day, South Korea's unification minister in charge of dialogue and cooperation with Pyongyang called on the DPRK to come to the dialogue table to resolve the political deadlock. Ambassador Lee Kyu-hyung also expressed South Korea’s willingness to get back to dialogue in the Xinhuanet interview, saying that the six-party talks are a necessary mechanism and have contributed to the peace and stability on the peninsula. In the interview, he also thanked China for its great efforts as the host country in the talks.

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