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History: News the streets without play missing shop on City

Source of version: 1 (current)

the shopkeeper said, don't know his clerk why Frence leave, immediately to the national day, the businessman is big time, he still has a shop and had no side, this few days practice short and not be able to find a good assistant, it makes him very headache. (author: Tang Rong) it is understood, that day is Sunday, the mall is the peak business, but one of them sell women's clothing shops, all day long, did not see the clerk, the boss did not appear in the store. &quot,[http://www.[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]pascherfranc.fr|[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]] france;Because our store is new open,[http://www.[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]pascherfranc.fr|[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]], are also not too familiar with,louboutin pas cher, so it did not leave the phone,[http://www.[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]pascherfranc.fr|[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]], but to find the floor manager contact the shopkeeper." Ms. Hu said,[http://www.beatsbydreauk4s.co.uk|beats by dre]. Around 4 p.m,[http://www.[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]pascherfranc.fr|[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]] france., the floor manager after that, then contact the shop owner, after about 40 minutes, the shop owner face came into the shop, a first number number of clothes, and then began to ask around people who shop,[http://www.airjoranechaussure3s.com|air jordan], there is no one knows his clerk to fall. However, everyone shook his head and said don't know. Finally,[http://www.[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]pascherfranc.fr|[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie]] pas cher, in advance to confirm before addition to hundreds of yuan wages clerk, when the store clothing and other objects have no loss, the owner of a long sigh of relief,ralph lauren. radio Qinghai, Frence leave away the clerk, not only in vain advance wages also delayed the store business,polo ralph lauren. In September 25th, is located in Xining City West District of a city business shop,乙肝治疗, the thing that the shopkeeper headache,[http://www.beatsbydreauk4s.co.uk|beats by dre] uk. Related articles: Peace kiln real toll station two trucks collided 4 Households theft of natural gas has 110, 119 rescu astronauts to close South Korean Defense Ministry said on Thursday that the country's missile defense system may intercept missiles if they are to strike the South Korean territory. On the same day, South Korea's unification minister in charge of dialogue and cooperation with Pyongyang called on the DPRK to come to the dialogue table to resolve the political deadlock. Ambassador Lee Kyu-hyung also expressed South Korea’s willingness to get back to dialogue in the Xinhuanet interview, saying that the six-party talks are a necessary mechanism and have contributed to the peace and stability on the peninsula. In the interview, he also thanked China for its great efforts as the host country in the talks.

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