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History: Not for mobile operators, difficult to cure the ye

Source of version: 1 (current)

mobile phone pornography not blocking,ralph lauren, pinch, is a technical problem? Nowadays mobile technology compared with the past, can be said to advanced and advanced technology to prevent,[http://www.abercrombieukfitches.co.uk|abercrombie] france, this is so weak? To say that money, is be nothing difficult, China Mobile, net profit of 3 many, have no money. What the problem is that, after all is said and done or not really put the effort at home, said a bit of weight,[http://www.abercrombieukfitches.co.uk|abercrombie], there is no make all-out efforts, problems in the management,乙肝. For years &ldquo &rdquo mobile phone; yellow peril; long-standing, especially after the appearance of 3G service is in a flagrant way. Pornography is illegal behavior, according to the provisions of the criminal law of our country, dissemination of pornographic materials to meet the statutory circumstances that constitute the crime of spreading pornographic articles, for-profit, constitutes a crime of spreading obscene articles for profit. Mobile operators in the interests of the drive, the green light for pornography, play the Jackal to the tiger. However,beats by dre, with the operators have a penalty,polo ralph lauren, and that responsibility is a treatment? Even a simple apology can not see, how this can play a deterrent role, who will be going on? so,mulberry, against the mobile phone media pornographic cannot say in the mouth,[http://patrimoine.agglo-troyes.fr/BAM/louboutinpascher.html|louboutin pas cher], written on paper,[http://www.yigan4s.com|乙肝治疗], to come true, real hard, to prevent future, must handle previously: let the problem operators eat vomit, held the responsibility of the responsible person, the removal of the removal from office, and the investigation of the, so there will be power, can be as a warning. of course, website domain name excessive to pornography increased a lot of difficulty, they become a trick, not changing the domain name, “ a gun, for a place, ” set obstacles to the cleaning work, but the main problem lies not in this, still in control, is to filter. According to the position of telecom operators, for all WAP SP services are shielded, why keep not to live, not live, gating or lax customs? since the implementation of &ldquo in ” storm; since, three communications operators paizhaoxiongpu made: to carry out verification of the self-employed business, the content provider / service provider (CP/SP) business, independent website content and the use of illegal illegal independent website business promotion, strict control, and all WAP SP services are shielded, itemized audit,[http://www.airjoranechaussure3s.com|air jordan pas cher]. But today, pornographic mobile phone media are still there, don't bawdy pornography web site really can “ seventy-two ”, Qualcomm has skills? in nearly a month of time, the government, telecom operators have introduced measures to purify the mobile phone network, destroyed the vulgar website thousands,[http://www.abercrombieukfitches.co.uk|abercrombie]. However, the reporter investigates discovery, in the mobile phone on the Internet, there are still many beautiful pictures with “ &amp,air jordan;rdquo, “ ” passion novels; the vulgar website. Why these sites despite repeated prohibitions? (December 14th, people.com.cn) , mobile phone environment are unsatisfactory: spam messages exist everywhere; disposable phone set a trap; mobile phone equipped with “ timing bomb ” diddle user charges; although the authorities again and three of “ no ”, strike hard, but always it good, even more serious. These serious problems, the operator received treatment, the responsible people have been punished? In the “ ” negative, can not be said to be an inertia. Related articles: The Secretary and the new name Zhongxian electric shock secretary about offbeat Snow Dragon ships twenty-fifth battle Antarctic ice sheet inland region Adu punching roars! 269533 no mistake Almighty as Zhan Huang TEHRAN, April 9 (Xinhua) -- Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday reiterated his country's right to uranium enrichment activities as the Islamic republic marked National Nuclear Technology Day. Confidence building in the nuclear talks should be reciprocal and the P5+1 group (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) in this regard is to "recognize uranium enrichment right of the Iranian nation," Ramin Mehmanparast said in his weekly press briefing. The behavior of the P5+1 group in the negotiations is a factor which determines the outcome of the talks, he said, adding that the West should give up its hostility against Iran.

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