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History: Wandering diary

Source of version: 1 (current)

Style= "font-size:14px;" > someone once asked me, why not stop wandering life, I said no boyfriend. In fact this is a vague answer, the cause is still not find love blooming city. For a long time, tired, the heart also died,[http://conversepascherfr.webnode.fr|converse], turns back to at first, only know that can not let love blossom everywhere, there is only one you get used to the city, there will also be a let you stop wandering people. if you fall in love with someone who does not care about you, do not continue to entwine. Just forget, forget all the. who the hell is worth your time in 27 degrees below zero in the downstairs is hard to wait for you,[http://www.isabelmarantes-sneakerse.com|[http://www.isabelmarantu-sneakeres.com|isabel marant]], is not worth, what still hesitate, go home and have a hot bed well, there are a lot of people waiting for you to love. Why you don't love yourself, love don't hold too tightly, just like the sand, must be picked up by hands. Faster or flow,abercrombie uk, why people always have made such a stupid mistake? I can not be refined,hollister, so I'm on my. so I like a poem fur coat cherish only your clothes, I must cherish youth. waiting for recall, just at that time already frustrated. missed missed, not to wrong, maybe you're not good enough. But there must be a person that you are the best, so we slowly looking for it. Life is a determined to do it, to love. some things really can deceive oneself and others, can't, nothing can,abercrombie. Which one is more important to love life? Measure for a long time, do not know the answer,sneaker [http://www.isabelmarantes-sneakerse.com|[http://www.isabelmarantu-sneakeres.com|isabel marant]]. So when they are important, it can make you very easily, can let you willing to take care of people is what you love,beats by dre. what can wipe away, no, I don't believe there is eternal, I like rings, may be a little eternity I will be happy. This time, I want to travel, but because of fear of loneliness, never had their own travel. So I will do is from the mall to swim to the mall, maybe going to the pirate ship. Only to find, I seem to be old, sitting 2 halo, look at the surface like a happy man, they are still young, so not halo. if there is no love, whether we can be friends, whether it can be honest. Never to plan their own life, maybe it's not too late. I like the lyrics, don't because of the years in a hurry and forget we are friends. Yeah, we will always be friends,[http://www.hollisterdeutschland-onlines.com|hollister deutschland]. who do not live in a vacuum, so no results, there is no reason why no results. those busy people, who never care about my loneliness, so I'm nobody time cry. so we are in a pet, but you in the play at the same time, others are playing you. Pet big ideas, will leave you, this is nothing. The support is, life is to continue, the sun also rises. don't know we all turn when, the world changed us or we change the world, let oneself also should not let others. so to have a thankful heart, don't hurt others to heart, just as you never been hurt,[http://www.louboutinpascherer-francesa.com|louboutin pas cher]. Treat all things must be all inclusive yes, I am, all inclusive, but have no tolerance of my. no hope to disappointment, so to lose when I did not sad, just don't think. Always want to ask a understand, now grown up, separate is separated, but also reason. Love you, really love you,sneaker [http://www.isabelmarantes-sneakerse.com|[http://www.isabelmarantu-sneakeres.com|isabel marant]], no love is don't love. To erase all traces of, or is never can overlap track. so I was wandering, regardless of who, I was wandering. Even settled, my heart also is drifting. Those wandering days Child though bitter, but very happy, the best way to forget may still wandering, nothing is not put under the. life the most important person has missed, but also cherish the things that are not important, no one is to leave another person can't live. No matter how deep you hurt also, time of healing, but the length of time. My life is happy, or I am happy,[http://www.isabelmarantes-sneakerse.com|[http://www.isabelmarantu-sneakeres.com|isabel marant]]. Some lies that the more become true, this is the truth of the cost, that is painful,abercrombie... Related articles: The foundation is The Spring Festival is coming senior high school entrance examination compositio Task

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