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History: Ying Haifeng copy this address

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previously,hollister, daily express said in an interview cited the British Coventry University economics professor Chadwick analysis,ralph lauren, he said: “ they (the Chinese Super League) not only confined to the introduction of European has-been star, their next target will be Rooney,abercrombie, Aguero, Schweinsteiger such a young major suit player.The introduction of such a player more meaningful,abercrombie soldes, and then the real transfer valve will open to china.&amp,abercrombie uk;rdquo although this price is still no more than an Zhi Eto'O at 20000000 euros yearly salaries (worth 380000 euro).But Joruni accepts, he still will go beyond the C Luo and Messi two heavenly stars,casque beats, to become the world's top pay players,abercrombie. ,abercrombie uk; however, at that time was limited to the analysis of the stage, but soon the Rome sports newspaper confirmed this news.According to the &quot,abercrombie france;tribal&quot,abercrombie; quoted the Rome football sports newspaper reported,beats by dre, rival has been Rooney 320000 out of 5000 pounds a week.And now Rooney's annual salary of 9500000 euros, about 180000 euro per week. editor: Ying Haifeng copy this address time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on June 28th, quoted foreign media Rome sports newspaper said, Hengda has provided Rooney with a 320000 pounds a week day price contract for Rooney consideration,supra shoes. (Jill) Related articles: http://vision-nary.com/weblogs/index.php%3Fblog%3D3%26title%3Djiffy_squid%26more%3D1%26c%3D1%26tb%3D1%26pb%3D1/ http://www.konure.com/it/2009/09/mcpc-2-1.html#comments http://www.astonshell.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=37139#37139 to live to be eighty , sunny. kissed the wind suddenly increased strength,not to mention ,two people have not said much, breath ,have it as a middle-aged pointing jiangshan . has a population of six hundred thousand, classmates mutual message memorial.


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