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History: and Zhang Ming said

Source of version: 1 (current)

new club of Boston in April 14 report (reporter Sun Yuting) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world economics and politics researcher Dr. Zhang Ming 14 days here at the fifteenth annual Harvard University Harvard China Forum said, "we think that this appreciation of RMB will be from two percent to three, less than two years before the five percent." he said, with the scale of double surplus decline, China's foreign exchange reserves growth will decreased synchronously, the pressure of RMB appreciation will also decline. in view of China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said recently, the current RMB exchange rate is "close to equilibrium exchange rate&quot,[http://www.hoganscarpeoutletes.com|hogan];, so will further relax the floating range of exchange rate, while the China Central Bank announced yesterday the trading price of the US dollar against the RMB floating range expanded to 1% day limit, so Zhang Ming thinks, future RMB appreciation may also, but appreciation would significantly slow down at the same time, along with the greater the two-way fluctuations, &quot,[http://www.airjordanspasuchere.fr|jordan];we think this year is RMB appreciation will be from two percent to three, less than two years before the five percent."&quot,[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie france];The and Zhang Ming said, because the Chinese renminbi real effective exchange rate rise further, Chinese exports will also be affected, in addition, due to strong economic development of China, imports will further increase,[http://www.abercrombieufrancersoldes.fr|abercrombie france], therefore,abercrombie, China's trade surplus will decline, resulting in China's current-account balance drops further. Dr Zhang Ming said, the future Chinese trade surplus, will appear gradually shrinking situation, China's annual trade surplus in 2008 for about $300000000000, in 2009 to about $200000000000, $180000000000 in 2010, last year was $150000000000, this year is estimated to shrink to about $100000000000,abercrombie.The China in the current account and capital account is surplus, but Zhang Ming expects, China two account in the future will decrease. ,burberry, future American government by debt financing will become more difficult.Because China is the United States Treasury bonds to buy large family, with China's foreign exchange reserves growth rate of decline, China's purchase of American Treasury securities power will decline, the United States will face more difficult to sell the debt problems,beats by dre, it will lead to two results, or buying American bonds fed QE3, or the United States Treasury yields rose."Zhang Ming said the United States Treasury 2% judgment, the current yield is historical trough. at the same time as the Chinese Academy of international financial research and international financial research center deputy director of the experts for two reasons: the European debt crisis and the United States of America economic weakness caused by weak external demand; RMB real effective exchange rate will rise. in the capital account, Zhang Ming also pointed out that, due to China's future on overseas direct investment and other reasons, the capital account surplus will shrink. to whether China should accelerate the speed of opening capital account, Zhang Ming said, &quot,beats by dre;we are the."He said, at present China is speeding up the capital account opening of the good opportunity,casque beats, in this issue,burberry soldes, China should be cautious,air [http://www.airjordanspasuchere.fr|jordan] pas cher, gradual, controllable push capital account opening speed.End Related articles: http://www.feixunguoji.com/a/huangguanyazhoubocai/20120901/2.html http://www.kaigaifx.com/blog/2012/07/ironfxfx.html#comments http://huran.web.zphlj.cn/plus/view.php?aid=112946 in the main way of investment in real estate investment, select the “ ” residents amounted to 25.1%, than last year dropped 1 percentage points, still resident investment choice.Followed by “ fund financial products and &ldquo ” 21.9% ” stock investment; 13.5%.

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